Course Syllabi

Education 268A-C: History-Social Science Curriculum & Instruction Syllabi

Will Colglazier, Emma Bene, Danielle Greene, and Sam Wineburg
January 2020 | Stanford Teacher Education Program

This set of Stanford Teacher Education Program syllabi are for three courses that illustrate the stages of instructional planning for history/social science curriculum. The first course focuses on practice-based approaches (i.e., receiving feedback on their own enactment of pedagogical techniques) to cultivate the skills necessary to develop their students’ literacy and historical thinking skills. The second course uses an inquiry-based approach and “backward design” model approach to develop teacher candidates’ application of Pedagogical Content Knowledge in history/social studies classrooms. The third course focuses on developing teacher candidates’ ability to think in discipline-specific ways, design small and large group discussions, and employ a multitude of sources in their teaching (e.g., art, graphs, political cartoons, etc.).

Program and Curricular Materials