Course Syllabi

Dis/ability and Access in Elementary Schools Syllabus

Chris Lemons, Christopher Cormier, Catalina Martinez
January 2020 | Stanford University

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) of the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) seeks to prepare and support teacher leaders in creating equitable and successful schools and classrooms. This document is the syllabus for the course entitled EDUC285C: Dis/ability and Access in Elementary Schools. The five sessions educate participants about the barriers students with disabilities face in classrooms, the importance of designing more inclusive instructional spaces for students with disabilities, improving service delivery models, and utilizing pedagogy that benefits students with disabilities. A final assignment allows participants to consider how to design a more accessible learning environment by carefully learning from one child that seems to be experiencing some kind of barrier(s) in their learning. To develop a more inclusive and accessible classroom plan, participants draw on the knowledge they gained from readings related to Universal Design for Learning or differentiated instruction, inclusion, and equity. Coursework topics include social justice and equity, special education and more.