Design Principles for Schools: Putting the Science of Learning and Development Into Action

SoLD Design Principles wheel
Linda Darling-Hammond, Laura E. Hernandez, Abby Schachner, Sara Plasencia, Pamela Cantor, Christina Theokas, and Elizabeth Tijerina
September 2021 | Learning Policy Institute
SoLD Design Principles wheel

This report and interactive playbook from the Learning Policy Institute connects science-based pedagogical theories to practical solutions for teachers, school leaders, and district administrators. The report focuses on the following guiding principles for whole child education: positive developmental relationships; environments filled with safety and belonging; rich learning experiences and knowledge development; development of skills, habits, and mindsets; and integrated support systems. The report is paired with an interactive, web-based playbook that points to structures and practices to support learning and development so that all learners can thrive.

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