Program Standards

Danforth Core Competencies

April 2020 | Danforth Educational Leadership Program

Created by the University of Washington – College of Education, this resource details the Danforth Educational Leadership Core Competencies, which serve as the conceptual framework that informs their program’s coursework, fieldwork, and performance assessments. The Danforth Core Competencies specify expectations for knowledge and application of competencies that are delivered through coursework. Demonstrations of designated exit standards “in practice/collaboration with others” are required through clinical/internship practica and assigned performance tasks. Once students demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge in practice with others they are encouraged to “cultivate leadership with others,” which is a stretch standard. The document goes on to detail how elements of each of the six core competencies are aligned with the National Educational Leadership Preparation standards, as well as other Danforth competencies (e.g., knowledge, application, collaboration, and cultivating leadership in others).

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