Practice Report

Culturally Responsive Teaching

A Guide to Evidence-Based Practices for Teaching All Students Equitably

Female teacher with Asian student
Basha Krasnoff
March 2016 | Education Northwest
Female teacher with Asian student

The Culturally Responsive Teaching guide provides a wide range of practices—supported by research—that can help prepare educators to become more culturally responsive in their approach to teaching. Researchers posited that helping prospective teachers develop the following six characteristics would prepare them to be culturally responsive: (1) sociocultural consciousness, (2) attitude, (3) commitment and skills, (4) constructivist views, (5) knowledge of student’s life, and (6) culturally responsive teaching. This report asserts that racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse students have the opportunity to meet their learning challenges with the strength and relevance found in their own cultural frame of reference.