Course Syllabus

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Syllabus

Diana Cornejo-Sanchez
June 2019 | High Tech High

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education (GSE) supports teachers, educational leaders, and school founders in reimagining schools with a focus on equity, deeper learning and shared leadership. This document is the syllabus for their course entitled Education 401: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. The course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the sociocultural realities and histories of their students. It highlights ways to: negotiate the culture of the classroom with the identities of their students to foster a community of learning, uncover biases, design a diverse curriculum, and learn how systems in the classroom can support high expectations for all students. Each week students are asked to “Put It Into Practice” by applying a new skill learned (e.g., identity wheels, empathy interviews, letters to families, courageous conversations, etc.) and then critically reflecting upon the planning, implementation, success, and challenges they faced while applying the skill. Course topics covered include gender, anti-racism, bilingual learners, equity, diversity, and more.

Program and Curricular Materials