Critical Practices for Social Justice Education

June 2024 | Learning for Justice

This article from Learning for Justice is designed to empower K–12 educators in understanding and integrating social justice principles into their teaching. This updated edition reflects the evolving social and political landscape, acknowledging the challenges educators face amid increased scrutiny and debate over school curricula. Organized into four pillars, the guide covers key aspects of social justice education, such as 1) curriculum and instruction, 2) culture and climate, 3) leadership, and 4) family and community engagement. Each pillar contains topics with accompanying strategies that are grounded in research-based social justice education practices and aligned with Learning for Justice’s Social Justice Standards, which include standards for identity, diversity, justice, and action. The guide emphasizes the interconnection of these pillars and encourages educators to explore how they reinforce one another.

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Anika Spratley Burtin, Kenyatta Dorey Graves, and Cathy Yun