Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education: Instruction

December 2023 | Learning for Justice

This professional development module from Learning for Justice is part of a larger seminar consisting of four modules. It is designed to assist teachers in implementing Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and focuses on creating equitable classroom environments. The module covers various critical practices for instruction, emphasizing the importance of student engagement, differentiated instruction, cooperative and collaborative learning, real-world connections, and values-based assessment and grading. It encourages teachers to reflect on their teaching practices, consider how to incorporate culture into their classrooms, and promote critical engagement, ensuring all students have opportunities to succeed. The module also encourages teachers to adapt their instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of their students, including those related to language, culture, and learning differences, and to connect classroom material to real-world experiences. Throughout the module, participants are prompted to reflect on their current practices and develop action plans for implementing these critical practices in their classrooms.

Program and Curricular Materials