Recorded Webinar

Creating Schools and Systems for Deeper Learning, Equity, and Social Justice

Teachers working together on a group project
February 2020 | EdPrepLab
Teachers working together on a group project

The Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab) hosted this webinar to examine the policies and structures needed across pre-k–12 and teacher and leader preparation to foster these deeper learning opportunities for all students across all schools. The webinar discussed the role teachers and leaders can play in expanding teaching for deeper learning in ways that also ensure access to an equitable and social justice-oriented education.

The webinar featured researchers and practitioners exploring key findings from two recent publications, Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning and In Search of Deeper Learning. In addition to addressing policies and practices that can generate transformative deeper learning systems, participants considered the key shifts needed from leaders and policymakers to center deeper learning within an equity and social justice context.