Journal Article

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Effects on Teacher Education

Maria Assunção Flores and Anja Swennen
September 2020 | European Journal of Teacher Education

This journal special edition of the European Journal of Teacher Education explores the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on teacher education, featuring diverse contributions reflecting on its impact. Linda Darling-Hammond and Maria E. Hyler advocate for policy support to address students’ socio-emotional and academic needs amid the pandemic. Carmen Carrillo and Maria Assunção Flores emphasize the integration of technology in online teaching practices. Clíona Murray et al. explore the dynamics of care and power in educational relationships, urging for global and ecological responsibility. Wesley O’Brien et al. analyze the challenges faced by physical education teacher education programs in adopting online approaches. Other papers discuss faculty readiness, adaptation of practicum learning online, and the evolution of teacher education practices. Overall, these studies underline the need for innovative approaches and further research to navigate the evolving educational landscape shaped by the pandemic.

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