Coaching, Support, and Time: The Key Ingredients for Effective Resource Implementation Video

Laura Glaab and Patricia Montes Pate
August 2023 | Amira Learning

In this video from Amira Learning, host Laura Glaab and guest Patricia Montes Pate discuss the challenges teachers face in implementing new resources. They focus on the underutilization of the English language arts frameworks due to time constraints and advocate for coaching and support to facilitate effective integration. Montes Pate emphasizes the significance of time in the process and introduces a teaching model for English learners in Silicon Valley. The model centers on oral language, language functions and forms, and designated English language development, offering scaffolding for accessibility. Speakers suggest educators blend standards with thematic units, fostering immersive learning experiences. The discussion covers bilingual education, teacher challenges, and the need for time to implement resources effectively. Preparation programs can utilize this resource as a basis for discussions and coursework centered on the challenges teachers face when implementing new resources.