Practice Report

Centering Multilingual Families in California Community Schools

Camille R. Whitney and Kendra Fehrer
June 2023 | Sobrato Early Academic Language

This report from Sobrato Early Academic Language provides guidance and resources for educators and administrators seeking to expand family–school partnerships as part of their community schools strategy. Community schools, emphasizing student success through collaboration with staff, families, and the community, have demonstrated effectiveness, particularly in underserved populations. The framework described underscores the importance of family engagement across various aspects, such as community schools planning, asset-driven practices, culturally proficient instruction, and shared decision-making. Families, viewed as partners, actively contribute to community schools development, reflecting priorities and diverse cultural assets. While California community schools have seen success in building stronger relationships with families, challenges persist, requiring systemic shifts in practice. Implementing the Dual Capacity-Building Framework, these schools aim to foster sustainable and meaningful family partnerships to enhance diverse students' learning experiences.