Teacher Preparation Program Handbook

Center of Pedagogy Teacher Education Program Handbook

Policies, Procedures, and Resources

January 2017 | Montclair State University

This resource supports the development of teachers across the entire teaching “life cycle” of the Teacher Education Program at Montclair State University. Intended for all stakeholders in the teacher education program, this handbook details the structures, policies, and procedures that help teacher candidates develop into outstanding future educators. The handbook details a constellation of scholarships, campus services/resources, and roadmaps to program completion. The handbook’s Portrait of a Teacher articulates the expectations of all teacher candidates (e.g., obtaining high content knowledge, embodying socially just dispositions, creating democratic learning communities, fostering family and community partnerships, etc.). These expectations are accompanied by requirements for degree completion, state certification, and clinical internship eligibility.

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Program and Curricular Materials
Program and Curricular Materials