Research Brief

Building the Supply of Bilingual Teachers in California

Martha I. Martinez and Corina Sapien
November 2023 | Sobrato Early Academic Language

This brief from Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) examines the work of several of California’s local education agencies (LEAs) in partnership with SEAL to support LEAs to grow their own bilingual teachers. The authors assert that policymakers should be helping school districts to develop and retain bilingual teacher candidates in their local school systems as a way to address critical teacher shortages and to train educators for multilingual education. Recognizing that the resources exist in California to build an education system that is biliterate and bilingual, the authors contend that state leaders should focus on developing the bilingual workforce that is already in schools but is not credentialed to teach in bilingual classrooms. Additionally, the authors recommend a public relations campaign and incentives aimed at bilingual high school students who could be encouraged to pursue a career in teaching if they saw the benefits.

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