The Bronx River Study: Launching the School Year

September 2016 | The High Quality Early Learning Project

This video from the High Quality Early Learning Project provides images of high quality early learning at the Bronx Community Charter School, which is a public independent charter school in a northwest Bronx community in New York City. The video documents the first weeks of school in a first-grade ICT (integrated collaborative teaching) classroom where the children learn about habitats of the river and its surrounding parkland. Teachers Jessica Lawrence and Andrene Robinson explain how they develop the curriculum based on the children’s questions, weaving important knowledge and skills into interdisciplinary projects. The video culminates with the Bronx River Museum—an all-school event where children share their learning with each other and their families. The page includes guiding questions for discussion around the video. The page also includes five additional video clips from the Bronx Community Charter School on classroom community, ways to scaffold children’s learning, assessment and reporting learning, professional development, and the school’s Anti-Bias Day.

Program and Curricular Materials