Black Lives Matter at School Week Early Childhood Symposium 2019

Bank Street College's Center on Culture, Race, and Equity
March 2019 | Bank Street Graduate School of Education

The Early Childhood Symposium 2019 explored the ways in which gender and race intersect for very young Black children, including the disparities they experience in educational settings as well as opportunities for interrupting these disparities as early as possible. Attendees learned about strength-based approaches and curricula that are being implemented to support, educate, and liberate very young Black girls, boys, and gender-nonconforming and transgender children. The symposium occurred within a larger Black Lives Matter at School Week, which is an annual movement designed to promote dialogue, curricula, and community events that explore structural racism and the policies that promote equity for Black children. The Bank Street Center on Culture, Race & Equity partnered with the Bank Street Children’s Programs, Graduate School of Education, alumni relations office, and Education Center to host the symposium.