Course Syllabus

Autism and Transition Syllabus

Sarah Barnes
April 2019 | High Tech High

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education (GSE) supports teachers, educational leaders, and school founders in reimagining schools with a focus on equity, deeper learning and shared leadership. This document is the syllabus for their course entitled Special Education 524: Autism and Transition. The course is designed to focus on Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as it is addressed within society and our school systems and will play equal attention to the importance of recognizing and embracing Neurodiversity and cultural reciprocity. Participants work on choosing evidence based best practices to help: meet student needs, provide positive behavior supports, and support social-emotional growth while providing access to general education curriculum and to meaningful transition plans so that students with Autism and other disabilities can access and find meaningful belonging in their community, higher education, and fulfilling employment.  The syllabus includes a robust list of readings and online resources. Each week students are asked to “Put It Into Practice” by applying a new skill learned and then critically reflecting upon the planning, implementation, success, and challenges they faced while applying the skill. Course topics covered include cultural reciprocity, leading with empathy, person-centered transition goals, and more.

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