Course Syllabus

Art Workshop for Teachers Syllabus

Marla Richa
September 2023 | Bank Street Graduate School of Education

This syllabus for Bank Street Graduate School of Education's Art Workshop for Teachers course (EDUC 590) provides the theoretical framework for teaching visual arts from early childhood to junior high. The course emphasizes that art curriculum should work in conjunction with overall development goals, and explains how use of different art materials is helpful when creating a targeted approach to learning. The course focuses on how arts and crafts can be used to enhance students’ understanding of core subjects, and how to adapt art curricula for students with disabilities. Each week, candidates in the course work with a different material, including paint, clay, papier-mâché, markers, and wood. The candidates in the course are tasked with connecting materials and strategies to academic and/or social-emotional development goals.

Program and Curricular Materials