Journal Article

The 5Ps of Holistic Policy Development: A Way Forward for Engaging Teacher Educators

James O’Meara, Meher Rizvi, Maria Assunção Flores, Cheryl J. Craig, John H. Samuels, and Valerie Hill-Jackson
May 2024 | Journal of Teacher Education

In this journal article from the Journal of Teacher Education, the authors advocate for innovative approaches to address the perennial challenge of ensuring high-quality educators for every classroom, particularly in the post-COVID-19 era marked by unfinished learning and educator resignations. The paper proposes holistic educator policy, focusing on purpose, process, plan, and pointers, with community and teacher engagement as key elements. Emphasizing the need for proactive engagement from teacher educators in policy development, it argues for creating positive impact on educator availability and mitigating unfinished learning. The article calls for collective action and invites further exploration and proposal of ideas to tackle this critical issue, urging for timely and concerted efforts in shaping the future of education.

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